When looking for drilling services it is important that you find an experienced team with a variety of drilling knowledge. Getting a quality job done depends on choosing the right team for the job. At Envirotech we have been working hard for over ten years at building a track record of getting our client’s field projects done on time, on budget, and without safety incidents. By working hard we have been able to grow Envirotech Drilling to nine different crews in two offices. We have been able to grow our range of drilling services dramatically. We are the team for all of your drilling service needs. 

What We Provide

Large or small, we can do it all. Whatever your project needs are we have the professionals right for the job. The result of this business growth is that we now employ 30 environmental professionals between EDS and EES. Our companies are structured so that we can provide you with high-value service and cost-competitive estimates on small projects, such as 1-day Phase II site assessments, or hauling Investigation Derived Waste (IDW) drums. 

Our services include:

Monitor Well Installation: For regulatory compliance, you need good groundwater data. In order to have good data, you need wells that are constructed with a good filter pack and annular seal.

Double & Triple Cased Well Installation: For wells that go through multiple aquifers, we can set isolation casing to prevent the vertical migration of Contaminants of Concern (COCs). Double and triple-cased wells are set by our most experienced drillers that operate CME-75 and CME-55 drilling rigs.

Direct Push (Geoprobe) Drilling: Envirotech has seven (7) large direct-push drill rigs that are capable of both direct push and turning augers for shallow good installation. All of our direct push machines are mounted on tracks so that our crews will not get impeded by a muddy site.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessment Drilling: Envirotech is the most efficient company to hire for Phase II site assessment drilling in Houston and San Antonio. We do not compete with our clients in providing consulting services. We focus on providing the best value for drilling services in Texas.

Geotechnical Drilling: Our Hollow Stem Auger (HSA) rigs are equipped with Monyo 3L10 pumps that are capable of drilling a 4” diameter hole to 200 feet bgs using mud rotary. 

Direct Image: Envirotech operates two direct image tools manufactured by Geoprobe Systems. One is the Optical Imaging Profiler, and the other is the Hydraulic Profiling Tool.

Utility Clearance: Envirotech uses hydro-excavation for the utility clearance of large-diameter (10” and above) potholes.

Barge Drilling: Envirotech has performed geotechnical and environmental drilling projects on barges in the shipping channels of the gulf coast (specifically in Port Arthur, Houston, and Corpus Christi).

Our Commitment, Your Call

Safety first, quality always. That is our commitment here at Envirotech Drilling and Environmental Services. 

If you have upcoming environmental drilling or environmental remediation work, give us a call to discuss your project. Or, fill out our online contact form with your information and specific needs. We will have one of our project managers get in touch with you to get your project completed on time, on budget, and safely. We look forward to working with you in the near future.