Safety at Envirotech

Envirotech is committed to completing all of its drilling projects safely, without incidents, while at the same time maintaining efficiency in the field. In order to be both safe and efficient, we have identified the three most common safety incidents (an incident being defined as an accident that has caused an injury or damage to the site or equipment), and have made the following operational commitments to mitigate them.

Striking an Underground Utility

Hitting underground utilities is the most common safety incident that occurs in the field. While most utility strikes do not result in injury, at the very least they slow the project down and cost money to repair. In order to mitigate utility strikes, we have committed to both performing a utility locate on every job site, and soft digging every monitor well and soil boring location to 5 feet bgs at every boring location.

Utility Calls

Performing a utility one call for the area that we are working in is the first way that we mitigate utility strikes. That is why our project managers are always asking for site maps with our proposed drilling locations illustrated on them. So the more information that you can give us on the front end, the better our locate tickets will be.

Additionally, we also hand clear all boring locations to 5 feet bgs prior to drilling. For Phase II site assessments done with a direct push rig, the hand auger will give you a soft dig hole that is 125% larger than the drilling tooling. So it is impossible to miss a utility when hand clearing using that method for direct push projects.

On-Site Vehicle Accidents

Accidents involving vehicles on-site are mitigated by the enforcement of company-specific SOPs. These SOPs are enforced by frequent site audits by our field superintendents. They are committed to auditing a drilling crew once per week to ensure compliance with our safety policies.

Contact Us

If you have upcoming environmental drilling or environmental remediation work, We ask that you fill out the contact form on our website, or give us a call at (346) 802-5322 to discuss your project. We will have one of our project managers get in touch with you to get your project completed on time, on budget, and safely. We look forward to working with you in the near future.