Envirotech is the best and most efficient company to hire for all of your Phase II site assessment drilling needs in Houston and San Antonio. We do not compete with our clients in providing consulting services. Our focus is on providing the best value for drilling services in Texas. Our large fleet of direct push rigs allow us to get to your site quickly, giving you the time to get your report to your client.

Why Do I Need Phase II Site Assessment Drilling

The reason for needing a  Phase II Environmental Site Assessment Report is to evaluate the presence, or absence of, petroleum products or other hazardous substances in the subsurface of the site. A trained, licensed, experienced staff of geologists and engineers that have expertise and vast knowledge in Phase II Environmental project design performs these assessments.

While there are some basic parameters for Phase II Environmental Assessments, there is a huge amount of professional judgment that goes into the finished report. A lot more goes into the entirety of the work than just the number of samples taken. One example is what type of drilling and sample collection is necessary for the drilling site as well as the kinds of contaminants you are looking for. That’s why its crucial to hire an informed and experienced consultant who understands what’s involved in the assessment and the level of certainty your institution requires.

How it Works

When designing a Phase II ESA scope, the environmental professional looks for any areas of concern, chemicals, local geology or site access issues as well as local, state and federal regulations. We at Envirotech can offer local knowledge of geologic and regulatory environments. We can then interpret geological and chemical data to our client so that they are fully informed of any risks.

Drilling Methods

Drilling methods used most often by scientists and geologists during Phase II Environmental Testing projects include:

  • Push Probe
  • Hollow Stem Auger
  • Hand Auger
  • Mud Rotary
  • CPT Drilling

At Envirotech we will help you decide which drilling method works best for your site.

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