Envirotech has performed geotechnical and environmental drilling projects on barges in the shipping channels of the gulf coast (specifically in Port Arthur, Houston, and Corpus Christi). We have the metal casing required to circulate the drilling fluids to the surface of the barge, and more importantly, our staff has experience drilling on these barges. Our Project Managers can help you identify the most efficient way to get these nearshore projects completed.

What is a Barge Drilling Rig

When Barge Drilling a company will use a floating offshore drilling structure consisting of a barge on which the drilling equipment is built. The barge floats when moved from one location to another. When stationed on the drill site, the barge can be anchored in the floating mode or submerged to rest on the bottom. Typically, inland barge rigs are used to drill wells in marshes, shallow inland bays, and areas where the water is not too deep. Also called swamp barge.

Keeping the Rig Stable

Drilling requires an extremely stable platform. Environmental drilling companies sometimes use barges equipped with extendable legs that can be used to anchor the vessel to the bottom of the river. In deeper water, a system of up and downstream anchors are used to hold the position on the drill site can be used. Both of these solutions also require being positioned above an area of the channel bottom that is free from obstacles.

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