At Envirotech we have two operational remediation crews, this allows us to service our clients in Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. Our Hollow Stem Auger (HSA) rigs are equipped with Monyo 3L10 pumps that are capable of drilling a 4” diameter hole to 200 feet bgs using mud rotary. They are also equipped with Auto-hammers that are calibrated by GRL Engineers so that the data provided by them is as credible as it can possibly be.

What Is Geotechnical (Geotech) Drilling

Geotechnical drilling is a kind of drilling that is  part of the construction process for many different construction projects. Some of these projects include oil rigs, large and smaller buildings, or as part of the investigation process necessary when working on a new site before construction. This task is mainly undertaken by experienced and qualified drilling contractors who know how to operate specialized drilling equipment. It’s also typically supervised by a geotechnical engineer who’s knowledge will ensure that the drilling meets the requirements of the project. At Envirotech we offer a variety of drilling services  based on your needs.

Equipment Used in Geotech Drilling

The type of drilling equipment used to perform the necessary work depends almost exclusively on the specific requirements of your  project. Drilling rigs are the machines we use to create the holes we need in the ground. They range in capability and capabilities, varying from giant structures that are used to drill oil wells, to rigs that are tiny enough to be moved by one person manually, these are called augers. A mobile drilling rig is able to be mounted on a truck or trailer, while the largest of the drilling rigs such as those used in offshore oil rigs are much more permanent.

Reasons for Geotech Drilling

Site analysis is one of the more typical reasons for geotechnical drilling. Site analysis is used to decide whether a site is going to be an appropriate place for construction. This usually involves drilling to collect rock and soil samples, as well as any other samples of interest. Site analysis is necessary for large structures. Unsafe rock or soil conditions could cause a collapse in the structure, or cause a dangerous scenario during an earthquake or flood. Sites need to be investigated for safety before a building permit can be given, and continued safety monitoring needs to take place to catch any changes of developing problems that could put development at risk. Drilling rigs and other drilling equipment should be kept on site to be used for the investigation.

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