When working in drilling services it has always been important to care about the environment. The care or lack thereof can greatly affect the outcome. Carelessness often leads to safety being compromised. Safety should always be a top priority, whether that safety is impacting the environment or the team.

A Caring Team

Envirotech Environmental Services (EES) has a staff of professionals who are experienced in solving a wide variety of environmental issues efficiently and cost-effectively in compliance with state, local, and federal regulations. It is of the utmost importance that when building a team, we choose those who are experienced and care about what they do. Caring about the environment and the local regulations goes deeper than simply loving your job. It requires a great amount of integrity.

A Goal to Serve Well

We strive for an honest and upfront relationship with our customers. Building trust by giving reliable service is a priority. Our goal is to allow our customers to trust us as a partner and eliminate many of the administrative costs and scheduling problems that are inherent when dealing with multiple contractors. EES is your resource for full-service turnkey and comprehensive environmental services.

A Wide Range of Services

EES provides a wide range of environmental services for sites impacted by hazardous and non-hazardous constituents. EES’s staff of project managers, field supervisors, operators, and technicians have extensive experience in the remediation and environmental services arena. EES’s remediation and construction management teams are experienced in directing site operations, directing site-specific health and safety requirements, and quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC).

Services we provide for environmental remediation include:

• Soil Excavation and Loading
• UST Removal and Closure
• Remediation System Installation
• Facility Decommissioning & Demolition
• Pit/Pond Closures
• Soil Stabilization
• Land Clearing
• Hydro/Air Knife Excavation
• Industrial Cleaning
• Pressure Washing & Hydro-blasting
• Tank Cleaning & Demolition

Preparation For Safety

There is great value in preparing ahead of time for tough situations. Having solid training is essential to equipping employees for the safest outcome in working conditions.
At EES, keeping all operations safe and secure for EES’s employees, customers, and communities is our top priority. To accomplish this goal, operations are supported by Health & Safety Professionals, comprehensive policies & procedures, and extensive employee training. This dedication to the safety of our personnel is evidenced by EES’s safety ratings being consistently at the top of our Industry.
The preparations Envirotech takes for employees include:

• Professional HSE Staff
• Behavior-Based Safety Programs
• 40-Hour HAZWOPER Training
• Trade Specific Operator Training
• Customer/Site Specific Training
• Comprehensive Drug & Alcohol Policy
• DISA Drug Testing
• DISA Background Checks

In all the work we do it is important to us to have the safety of our team and the environment at the forefront of our minds. This is why we take these precautions.

Are you in need of a team that takes the safety of the environment and employees seriously? We are ready! Visit the contact page on our website to get in touch with us today!